Terms and Conditions -

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Files Accessibility explained explicitly on www.filesaccessibility.com (hereafter referred to as the “Site”), you agree to abide by all the guidelines mentioned herein and to access this Site after conformance of the same.

Conformance by the Site-

  • The Site has the right to view, access and use a user’s personal information, if needed for any requirements in the future or as per the Site’s legal needs.
  • The Site will not transfer or use a user’s sensitive information for unlawful purposes.
  • The Site strictly adheres to the Accessibility standards including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), Section 508 and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Conformance by the user-

  • A user needs to enter valid credentials for all fields as asked. Any discrepancy in information is bound by legal action.
  • A user agrees to abide by the time and costs as mentioned in the Site. In case of any query, a user should put in a request for clarification or alteration at sales@filesacessibility.com.
  • A user is to follow a certain code of conduct wherein he/she is responsible to not use the information or content in the Site for personal purposes since all materials under this Site is the copyright of Perseverance IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Refund, cancellation and modification-

  • A money back guarantee is only applicable if a user finds a blocker bug, i.e., a bug due to which a user is unable to perform any operation/action.
  • If any request for cancellation or refund needs to be made, a user should mail at sales@filesacessibility.com.
  • The Site holds the right to modify the content or information at any point of time according to the changing requirements.

Privacy of the Site-

  • The Site holds the right to block any user from accessing the Site if any discrepancy is found in the conduct.
  • The information provided on the Site is purely the copyright of Perseverance IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. If found to be utilized by the user in third-party sites or for illegal gains, Files Accessibility has the right to take legal action against the user.

Queries by Users-

  • If there is any query regarding inaccuracy of content or errs from the end of Files Accessibility, the user needs to send a mail at sales@filesacessibility.com describing the same for rectification to be done immediately by Files Accessibility.

Legal conformance-

  • The user is responsible for indemnification of Files Accessibility in case of the involvement of a third-party in terms of the usage of services or content mentioned on the Site as well as a breach of the given Terms and Conditions.
  • The Site is not responsible for the loss of data or information in case of a force majeure, wherein loss occurs due to actions outside the will of Files Accessibility such as technical glitches or defects, natural calamity, acts of war, acts of God, etc.
  • The liability to download any material or information from the Site is solely the responsibility of the user; at his/her own risk. Files Accessibility is not to be held responsible for any third party content mentioned in the Site.
  • The Site is in utmost conformance to the rules and regulations of the Republic of India. The user agrees to move to court in case of any violation from either parties.
If the user agrees to the given terms and conditions, only then should he/she access the Site freely. If found in violation of the given terms and conditions, the Site holds the right to take a legal action against the user.